I am new here, a beginner

Hi y’all!
I am Akin by name, I’m from Nigeria. I choose to trade forex because of the financial freedom it could give me and my family. But there has been series of losses until recently when I came across a bit that trades for me. Things has been different since I subscribed to this robot.
I am still a Lerner and hope to become an expert soon and I believe I can get enough knowledge and support in this community

Hi and welcome in BP community, :slight_smile: the education section will be good for you as a start. Unfortunately, becoming an expert needs time, be patient, good luck :slight_smile: Regards Greg

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As a beginner, You need to learn all the basics of forex properly.

Most traders lose their money in this market because of their low knowledge about trading.

If you are a beginner trader, you need to gain knowledge. You can learn from the BabyPips learning course.

Exactly, BabyPips is a much better platform where ideas about many important analyzes are provided.

it is more appropriate to trade in a demo account besides acquiring good knowledge and experience.

Hello Akin! We’re happy to have you here)

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It is much easier to develop skills when trading with a demo account. Every professional trader has used the demo platform.

Hi Akin, welcome to the community, as a beginner you should learn the basics of trading before you get started. All the best