I am totally new to forex

Hello everyone, I am new to forex … How or where do I start from?

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Get demo accounts from a few brokers so you can research strategies and start trying them out. Do not trade with real money until one of these is consistently profitable.

Start here. it includes the babypips course which you should complete atleast once.

If you’re completely new to forex, it would help to get to know the basics first. :smiley: And then maybe from there, you could start demo trading to get to know the market better. :blush: Good luuuuck! :smiley:


Hi trigar12! Open a demo account while going through the education section here. It’ll help you understand the concepts. Also, don’t be afraid to ask help in the community. Good luck and see you around!

Good advice. Demo trading is a must for any trader. It will give you a fair idea bout trading. Many people skip this part but i must tell you to not skip it at any cost.

Hello @trigar12! Welcome to the community. Start with the education section here. It’s the best place to start.

Hi, take your time to go through the education here…