I believed in MYSELF when NO ONE else did

My name is Roheem Wasiu . I am from Nigeria. Am not new to trading because I have been learning forex and Cryptocurrency when i was in College, that is 4 years Ago.

Despite that, I don’t have a good profitable strategies for trading. All the strategies I read online and in book tend not to work for me. I loses much money every years and i didn’t quit just because of that.

I look forward to helping me on my trading career because I have loose 75% of my entire money i have. My friends were just mocking me that i should quit, neither I nor myself will quit that.

Looking for to becoming a profitable trader

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Wish you all the best.

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You need to learn properly.

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Maybe you’re an Mql4 coder and don’t know it. Since you already have a dense knowledge in Forex, you should learn coding and build your own EA.

Start here: Mql4 Book.
Then finish here: Mql4 Documentation.

Prove yourself and your counterparts wrong…

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If various stategies don’t work for you, then the problem is not learning about yourself first.
Which first and foremost means managing emotional control. You need to keep a journal of your trades, see why they succeeded or failed and what mistakes you made. It could be a mixture of poor money management, excessive risk taking, overtrading, revenge trading, and gambling.

I’ll point you to a pro trader who could explain. tradertom.com


Go to the education section here. Pipsology is free!

I have been involved in the financial markets for over 10 years. I have seen it all, done it all, and know most of the people that are doing it. I have traded every financial market known to man. I have taught full-time at one of the largest financial training companies in America or you can do SEO of your companies. I have worked for a hedge fund where I developed my own quantitative trading models. I have worked at a prop trading firm where I was responsible for the largest position in the NYSE listed stock at one


Thank you sir,
I think that will going to be helpful because I have heard about trading robots and people say its works incredibly

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This site is the best site for learning.

Admirable background. I’m certain you can teach us a few things. :100:

You can start your trading again. Maintain a trading journal and keep track of your trades. It’s good that you’re consistent. Learn from your traders. You will be profitable.

Good luck! You got this! How long were you demo trading? :slight_smile: