I can not trade again

all losses to me these days comes from lack of concentration. I know.
exactly you are right i believe in every word you said. i guess the demos are designed to convince you to trade on real.

Anyone has to find the own path, how to leave emotions behind because everyone is different. I trade via EA’s it is comfortable for me but not necessary comfortable for you. How to achieve this goal? I will give you my method. Ask yourself what kind of trading method leave emotions when trading is your full time job, main income source, you have to pay bills, go on vacation, buy new stuff and so on and in the same time you will execute your plan point by point.

How long did you measure the result of the strategy? You have to observe a strategy for a long time to reach a decision whether it works or not. However, tiny loss doesn’t matter, think something bigger.

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You make an important point about the importance of measuring the results of a strategy over an extended period of time. It’s true that observing a strategy over a longer timeframe provides a more comprehensive understanding of its effectiveness.

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Dude go back to demo and stay there forever …

Do you know any business where you only Make money without spending some money?

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So your analysis was wrong. Did you have a stop loss? I think you need to understand that losing is part of trading.

I guess yes I set sl and tp. but to make sure I need to check that. I just get disappointed soon.

thank you Averied it was huge. :sweat_smile:

HEY MY NAME IS WIILY I LOVE Babypip good staff

Grow up. .

The best motivation can be your loss, because in real conditions, we try our best not to suffer a loss, and it is good that you reached this conclusion with a small loss and try to study and train more.

Traders struggles with different problem in trading. Your comment is useless and nothing to add to the topic.

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Hi Chen,

Firstly, you shouldn’t have any expectations about a certain trade as the outcome is random. This is easier said than done as we naturally all hate to lose and have faith that the trade you take will be a winner.

The bottom line is, you need a strategy that is backtested with a positive expectancy and trade i.e. a 50 or 100 live trades to review if it also works during live trading. If not, then it’s either your system that fails or your emotions during live trading that are dragging down the performance of your system (i.e. not following your rules all the time).

Depending on the system you could i.e. have a winning rate of 50% and make profit, this still means that half of all your trades are ending in losers. It hurts, but you’ll get used to it. It’s the money you pay to be in the market.

Hello Willy
we do love you too.

I appreciate your input. It’s true that trade outcomes can be unpredictable, so it’s best not to expect any specific result. Have you found it challenging to manage your expectations and emotions when it comes to trading?

IF I grow up what will happen then ?
my problems will be solved the automatically?

Regards, Greg
I don’t understand why certain people behave in such a way that it is embarrassing for others to ask even the most basic questions.

Of course our big teacher is our experiences even when we lose or earn profit

It’s a common affair of the market. Not only you face such a problem but also I face the same issue again and again. We have to deal with such situations in forex as long as we stay with the market.

Dear friend,
Don’t let one setback hold you back. Embrace the experience, learn from it, and keep pushing forward. The next trade is another chance for success.

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