I cannot place an order

Hi, hi opened a demo account with crown forex ( CROWN FOREX ) 5 hours ago.
I can configure my charts and all on metatrader but I cannot place any order.
I don’t understand what happens and I don’t know if someone can help me.
I downloaded the platform on Download - CFSA Trading Platform . I took the first demo at top of the list. Is it because it is a trial??

Thank you for answering.
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You Should sign up with FXCM…i know people bag on them , but there DEMO account is very good, with alot of REALTIME help…everything you need is there…demo account lasts for 30 days but you can keep signing up for a free one every 30 days

OK, thank you, I think I will return with my old demo accounts. I didn’t sucess to place an order with Crown Forex.
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Bammy 96

if you are into metatrader you can trade with STIFX there site is www.stifxonline.com
You can trade spot oil also in metatrader, they just allow Forex currencies , gold, silver and oil to be traded in metatrader.

Here is the direct link to fill the demo for your easiness