I can't get my money back

I opened a live account with BrokerXP (Q-Systems) and can’t get my money back. I started this venture under false pretences. I registered because I was reading an article linked to Mark Shuttleworth, which described Q-Systems as an automated system where the user does not have to make any decisions, but rather use this automated robot.

Now that I have a live account I can see that this is not the case. Mark Shuttleworth has also stated that he has been fraudulently linked to Q-Systems and has no knowledge of it.

Multiple account managers have been calling me to deposit more money ($2,000) to either qualify for access to sophisticated robots or real help from a senior professional trader. The BrokerXP Support Team have emailed saying that will assist me with a refund but nothing has happened in three weeks of trying.

How do I take this further?


BrokerXP seem to be based in the Marshall Islands though they don’t give a physical address and they don’t indicate they are regulated by any statutory body.

I would think very hard before sending them more money.

Maybe the government of the Marshall Islands will be interested.

Thanks for finding this out. I will investigate further.

Also, if you have been scammed, beware of being contacted by another firm, perhaps representing themselves as lawyers, who claim that they can get your money back. They will ask for a fee of course, but sometimes these secondary contacts are the same scammers or their pals.

Sounds like sound advice.

i have been a victim too but a different broker, i need help

How did you pay the money to them ? - IF by credit card - claim against the credit card.
I understand this may now be applicable to debit cards in the uk - and Paypal also have “reclaim” possibilities !

@tommor gives sound advice - DO NOT - send any more money to anyone who contacts You !

At the end of teh day = it’s your money and up to you to look after it !
IF someone came up to you in Lidls Car Park with a “italian Leather Jacket” for £20 - and you bought it because it was “Too good to miss” - but turned out to be plastic - Who’s to blame ?

You are of course ! - for being naive !

Best of luck - but in any case you have had a learning experience - cherish it well !

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Take that to the Police - and your lawyer - I’d be looking to recover from HIM - If the above fails ! - all depnds on how much money of course - but I’d defiitely want to have Strict evidence that HE has issued a Police Complaint - your lawyer should be able to progress this further !

If the broker is regulated, you can ask for help from the regulatory body.

Most of the times, it is the brokers that are not regulated that scam people, I am pretty sure lucy_ann broker must also not be regulated.