I Failed, give me your advise and nice to meet you : )

i am from argentina : ( :rolleyes:

Or you look for a less demanding strategy that could work.


Sorry to say, but you have a long way to go. Trading is not an easy game, and you should not expect to learn it within less than 2-5 years.

First of all do NOT use martingale systems. They are dangerous for new traders and are impossible to use over the long run if you do not have $500.000.000 or more to play with (and still then it is dangerous).

You seem psychologically not ready for trading. Start wrintng down for yourself why you want to learn this, because it will take years of practice to become consistant profitable. (And to get to a point where you could live from trading takes even longer. By the way to live from trading would take at least $10.000-20.000 starting capital and with one of the best strategies in the world. Making that within less than 5 years is pretty unrealistic).

If you do want to learn trading you should stop trading and start educating yourself.

Start at School of Pipsology | Learn Forex Trading

Study (and that is not just reading it once!) the theory and do the quizes to check your knowledge. The first time you go trough the school should take about 1-3 months so you have time to evaluate what you have learned. Remember less than 4% of the new traders at babypips have the discipline to finish this seemingly easy task and OVER 96% OF THEM FAIL AT THIS.

After you build up your knowledge you can start on your trading plan. This is a long process and can take up months-years. A good trading plan should be at least 50 pages and includes all your thoughts, beliefs about the market as well as your tested/non tested strategies and moneymanagement etc.

It takes long to become a trader, but if you are ready to work hard (as you said it) it could be possible.

Take time to slow down and think for yourself.

Good luck! :23:

Hi There. I like what was said here, and agree 100%. I have been trading for several moths now and on several demo accounts and have learned by Baby pips and other… I have a sound strategy but still learn a lot every day.

I also don’t have a lot of money to start with, but will get there slow and steady by working hard and learning because I know when I get there eventually I will never look back.

Remember the market counts on new traders losing money, that is how new money comes in and the market gets a constant boost of cash.

Take your time and be the percentage that makes it in the end.

Download the book.Trading for a living. By Dr. Alexander Elder. He gave me a ,lot of insight especially how to get your mind right for trading and how to deal with the Psychology of it all.


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