I finally give up. Hooray

In the spoken word “tone” may be relevant - In the written word - “The word” is all that matters. :slight_smile:

i agree with that but i would also like to add that whether spoken or written INTENT is also relevant.

That’s why I specifically objected to the word “weasel.” Unless I’m a cute but predatory little critter with sharp teeth, it’s not the most accurate description of me, and not a very friendly word. That’s what I meant by tone. To tell me after the fact that it was meant affectionately or jokingly is, well…weaselly. :smile: I’m a writer, and there is most certainly such a thing as tone in written communication. Otherwise, it would all be as dry as an instruction manual.

Anyway, there seems to be no end to the 'splaining around here about stuff other than what I came for. I want to learn about trading, not the English language. There are better sites than this one for that. I wish y’all would leave me the hell alone, quit nitpicking my language, and talk about something more interesting. Definitely over and out after this.


You’re a writer

Now just quickly, i agree with you that there is tone in words even though that tone is not comprised of Frequency as is the case with Audible words
but that aside…

i think the problem is this
Look… You’re a writer, i’m an I.T. Engineer ok

When a person says to me "Martin, my TV is BROKEN"
then i get there and the problem is , it doesn’t power up
well. it’s not BROKEN (Broken would mean physical damage, cracked screen, Cracked Bezel etc)

or when they say it has no power
and i get there and there is a stand by red light
(well, it does have power to it, it’s just on it’s standby circuit and isn’t switching to the primary circuit so it can come ON)

you see, our jobs affect the way we perceive things whether we like it or not
in your case
You’re a writer so you see the word WEASEL and you picture a weasel in your head and you apply the behaviour of a weasel to that and then you picture how dirty a weasel is and how dishonest a weasel is and then you assume that i also pictured a weasel and that i have INTENDED to slur your good name with that behaviour and filth of a weasel

NO MY GOOD SIR , that is not what i did , nor inteded to do
ok, Stop being a writer for a second and be a normal person for 5 minutes and try and understand me… ok

now when you said this…

i didn’ take it offensively, with or without the emoji, because i have UNDERSTANDING towards you.
now if i meant you illwill, would i really be showing understanding… ANSWER . NO

and now i understand why you whipped out that brush hehe
it makes sense now

when i read that , i said to myself "What ?? what is this guy, a poet or something?, does he go under the balcony’s of fair maiden’s and reads them poems in the middle of the night to woo then " hehe

Mate, i was just giving you a heads up ok
i was just being comical
that’s my nature, i like to muck around , i believe that life is not too serious and we should not take it as such

so… try to understand that the way you thought i meant it , is not the way i meant it

let me also ask you this , for the sake of understanding you better.

What Authors do you like ?
I"m more inclined to things like Stephen King, Anne Rice, things of that nature.
i was a big reader in my teenage years, but i have slacked off in the years that followed my late teens due to work and marriage

Hello, thanks for the thread. Would you care to contribute to my thread here? Why we need more (good) female traders

Thank you and good luck with it all!


Face it you are Weasel, in fact your not a weasel, you are a carrion eating Buzzard, just like anyone who worked for and still works for G/S. SO THERE (Just kidding)

The Ever Calling Out Flying Weasels VIPER (Just kidding)

G/S Doing what they do to the Middle class

Look it’s Lloyd Blankfein

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Hey, Lord Fauntleroy, take this book nonsense over to the Huffington post or something. Or are you trying to pick up PMH.

The Ever NonFiction VIPER

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LOL… hehehehehehehehe LOL LMFAO
that spine
that skeleton

What the hell happened to this thread. People are fighting and sh*t.

See what you’ve gone and started? :smiley:

Help yourself, sit back and enjoy - the toffee ones are good!:


Giving up on forex is the last thing to do, as for me. I actually think that if you start something you should go till the end. Otherwise you won’t achieve anything in this life.

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Nice post…

Sometimes a person of understanding just realises "It’s time to cut your losses "

A wise man knows when he has made the wrong choice and moves on ! :slight_smile:

Hey this post is very honest, interesting and funny in a good way. Why don’t you try out other asset classes and continue to play around with new things (demo), you never know if a one time opportunity might come in future where you could use your skills to good effect.

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It looks a nice message but practically not at all. Because, there is no ending in Forex market place. So, it is not appropriate for waiting ending up in here despite of having many losses.

i am a new in Forex and this community. i know most of the newcomers become loser by Fx . i will try my best to survive in here with good profit. hope, everything will be fine.

i gave up from Forex so many times but couldn’t not completely. actually Forex is an addiction. now i am trying to start Fx again within some new plans.

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Just search “The Forex Cycle of Doom” at Youtube. Perhaps this video might be helpful in analysing your failure in Forex market.

However, here is a motivational video for you … Don’t Give up

really motivated by this video. but after having some losses it is quite difficult to keep positive mood.