I got scammed by a company called Itrader.com

I am glad to hear that.

You were lucky if you managed to resolve the issue amicably with them, because apparently these guys are bad news, as there’s active prosecution for fraud in Israel against them.

Did you try any MoneyBack companies, & if so, any results?

As an experienced trader I don’t have a problem with this broker. The opening procedure is standard and I have found the spreads competitive with no commission. If you stay away from exotics and trade on your own advice this broker is better than most. If you are a beginner use the free training and open a demo account until you are sure you know what you are doing. Do not deposit until you traded profitably in demo, it takes time to be successful

Reporting these people to ActionFraud never results in any action its just to much trouble for them to get of their lazy backsides and do some investigation. I have reported three traders to FCA and ActionFraud - no result. i have also wasted money with cost recovery agents who just feed off victims. My banks and CC companies have refused chargeback saying that I did not purchase anything I just transferred cash from my bank to theirs. I have three Ombudsman cases pending to recover my money from the banks but these have been waiting 1 year to be started and the FO are getting overloaded with these type of cases. Please Please don’t trust any on line trader unless they are FCA regulated and have a validated office address and contact numbers.

Hi mcskipper
Were you able to get your funds back?

Hi Chichester
Have you been able to get your funds back?

Itrader are scammers, they have scammed so many people, I’ve never read a good review about them ever. I hope they are brought to Justice to protect innocent victims. You can search them on google and read about their customer’s reviews. Stay away from them as much as you can, avoid them like plague, they’ve got nothing to offer you but to steal from you. Be wise and be careful friends!!