I introduce myself

Good evening everyone.

My name is Charles I am a teacher and I come from Togo certainly there are Togolese here I could not read all the presentations.
When the Corona health crisis occurred with the advent of confinement I was at home doing nothing so I started looking for another way to earn my living and on the internet I came across a bunch of crypto stuff currency and Forex trading so I tried to follow some videos on YouTube to learn Forex but must recognize that it is not easy I understood absolutely nothing at all even with the demo ouuuuffff but I did not throw them arm I continued to look for a way to train myself in Forex trading I registered on sites but zero. So three days ago a friend told me about this forum which he described as extraordinary and which really offers very detailed courses for beginners. So I took the plunge and signed up and signed up today.
I am really delighted to be part of this family and I believe I would have a lot to learn from you.
thank you

Hi Charles! You’ll definitely learn so much here! I hope you’ll enjoy your stay and looking forward to your progress! See you around!