I lost 1900$ instantly after placing a position

I placed a sell position on the usd to chf around 23:20 central european summer time and i lost 1900 dollars instantly the price didnt move even a little bit my previous positions started around 0 and went up and down after that.Can anyone explain how and why did this happen?

What was your position size and SL? The opening spread probably took you out.

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The size was 15 how do i check the opening spread?

Make screenshot of trading journal which includes the data about the trade so we could investigate. Sounds really unusual but in certain conditions it can happen (for example if you used high leverage and there was spread widening.

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Yes! Also, you can connect with the broker or their support to check what exactly happened. Usually, a trustworthy broker definitely has a correct explanation to the trade. I also advise you to check with your broker.

well if it did nt move , maybe because it between sessions the spread wide till asian starts

Live account or demo, and can I ask what broker you were using?

and on what principle did you try to work? maybe someone would be interested in order not to make the same mistake