I’m interested in making this out of a career

Hello everyone :smiley:, My name is Minyon and I am from the USA, Alabama. I am interested in making this out of a career, I have joined academies and did not enjoy it neither did I understand it, so I’m still new to this please help you guys, Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the community, Minyon. Just ask away if some things aren’t clear to you. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

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Well, get started by pressing the green education button above. Take it easy one step at a time, and see if FX trading suits you and your lifestyle. This could help you:

Hellooo Minyon! :blush: Such a cute name. :smiley: Hmmm. If you don’t mind, which academies have you tried? :open_mouth: Did you have to pay for those? :open_mouth: Anyway, at least you’re here now! The school here is free. :blush:

Thanks so much, I really appreciate that :grin:

Thanks for the compliment. The academy I joined was the IM academy and I had to pay to join. I felt like I was being rushed so I got out of it. I’m glad I found out about babypips.

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Oooh. :open_mouth: I’ve never heard of that academy before, but I’m also glad you decided to get out before you lost any more money on them! :sweat: I’ll be cheering for youuuu!

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Hey Mgivens18. I’ve had alot of friends and colleagues over the years who left IM academy. (It was previously called IML , then later they changed it to IM academy)

Their main focus has always been on the network marketing side of things whilst their forex tools and education has always been very much below average.

I’d suggest to take it slow, learn the basics and general terminologies from the baby pips school or take up a proper trading course like GarrisonFX. Been trading ft now for the last 5 years.

Do reach out if you need any help.

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You can try practicing in demo trading accounts until you feel comfortable with real money trading. That may help you.

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Thank you so much :heart::heart: