I made some profits today!

Well, I have posted my experience as an article to a website and I want everyone to read it as well. Yesterday I made a great profit trading the EUR/USD pair. I have actually abandoned this pair for some time now. I opened a Sell Limit order at 1.2665 and set my TP at 1.2600 with a great risk. When I came online this morning I saw my huge profit because I used 1 lot size with a leverage 1: The secret about taking risk is that… Trading forex is easy: I made huge profit today! - Forex Sanity!

Please babypips, don’t ban me for wanting to share this, thanks.

Well done! Was it on demo ?

It is always good when you make some profits, but also it is very important to do it more often and to reach consistency and not only one or two good trades.

Still its looks like advertisement :frowning:

Maybe it looks that way because it is!