I need a guide on how to become a professional forex trader

sounds really good when a newcomer willing to be a professional trader in Forex , its a great desire , good luck mate , just keep going with focus and contentment. happy trading.


do you have any Forex Mentor ? honestly speaking , a Guide is really important to become knowledgeable in here as a newcomer.

i dont support any Mentor ,
because lots of mentors there is and
most of them are found to be scams.

secure more pips as a new Forex trader is much difficult but of course possible, you should go through pips school minimum 2 times including practicing demo.


Complete the course: school of pipsology in the education part.

Read the following thread:

Enjoy the journey :+1:

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Trading isn’t a ‘get rick quick scheme’. So if you really want to earn income from trading, you’ll need to dedicate yourself and be discipline on it. Let me know if you have any questions


best advice I can give is to treat trading like a business and not a hobby


I am looking to do the same. have you done the babypips course a few times?

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@PipMechanic , I haven’t finished the whole lesson that’s because I had a mentor, but I’d recommend you to finish the whole course if you haven’t got any mentor

Start by building your trading strategy using the framework below in selecting your indicators

  1. Support and Resistance - Pivot Points
  2. Average – MA
  3. Range – ATR
  4. Volume – OBV, A/D
  6. Unbound – CCI, MO, MACD, ADX

After building the trading strategy, backtest it, forward test for at least a year before going live.

according to me, any kind of trading strategy can be useless , if there is no good money management. so build powerful MM first of all.

its more appropriate to finish the school minimum for 2 times , and besides this trading in a practice account is really important.

Do it if you believe so. Learning to trade is a journey, you’ll find what’s working what’s not working

I’m new to forex I need a guide on how to be a professional forex trader

Actually, I don’t want to take Forex as a lonely profession just because the return from the market is quite uncertain.


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Follow how professional traders trade and spend more time with the market.

To become fully profession, earn efficiency at price action trading and trade for a long term just like other professional traders.

Yes, without proper trading knowledge, a trader can hardly become a professional traders. He should complete his learning from basic level to advanced level.

Try to analyze the market thyself and practice long-term trading because professional traders do so.