I need a virtual training platform

Am also a trader I need of virtual training platform

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Do you mean like where you can learn how to trade? Or like a demo trading account?

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I need a tutor to take me on the journey of trading to teach me

start here:


yup you are in the best place to start, go through free courses here, ans slowly expand untilyou can find a suitable mentor. best of luck

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I am also little bit confused what this trading platform is. Is it any different from the existing mt4 trading platform?

Can you tell me in detail what advantage this virtual trading platform will add to your trading? Actually, I have been using mt4 trading platform for a long time.

You should look for a mentor . Not going be easy, but take time & pick somebody

Waiting on that one person who will drop the name of this “virtual trading platform.” :expressionless:

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