I need HELP, PLS

Hello all,
yes i’m still new to forex and inexperienced, however i’ve demo traded for about 3 months now so i decided to bring in real funds to further gain experience of trading real cash.
my question is that i do not understand why in one of my accounts(northfinance using MT4 platform) with $400 balance i can’nt open 3 0r 4 postions(buy or sell) with 1:100 leverage and a micro lot of 0.10, BUT in another account of my colleague, he is able to open 4 positons(buy or sell) using Fxsol,i.e GTS platform). He is using a leverage of 1:100 and 0.10 micro lot. Will be glad to hear from you soon.


Have you tried contacting Northfinance?

its better to speak with NorthFinance support team.
I am with STIFX and i can easily do hedging (buy and sell) with 1:100 leverage. Remember good support service is important, so speak with NorthFinance and see what they say.