I need info about http://www.figfx.com/

I want to open account with them but want to be sure they are good broker’s.

Has anyone use them in the past. Please share your experience

Hmmmnnn… I wonder!!!

ANYWAY (and ‘moving on’): have you tried to search for them on Free Forex Trading Community With Forex Signals And Broker Reviews (or any other sites, for that matter, that contain broker reviews)???



I just begin to research on them

You’re better off with someone like fxopen if u wanna go offshore.

I have gotten the needed info about them from peace-army thank you all

Just know one thing about that site - virtually any broker you look at will be a scam according to a few peeps.

Yep: that is true for sure.

I always advise people that they FIRST have to know a bit about how this business REALLY works and THEN look at the reviews i.e. that’s the only way a person will know what are GENUINE issues and what are not e.g. somebody that doesn’t understand EXACTLY how the different types of orders are executed and then has an order ‘slipped’ will in all probability give the broker a ‘bum rap’. That type of thing. Basically you need to able to ‘read between the lines’ on any site like that.