I want to learn forex

I curious to know how to trade in forex. I’ve been told it’s a nice investment. Now it’s time to learn for myself.

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Learn before you earn. FX trading is not easy, ever - no short cuts. There are no guarantees you’ll ever make money, so as an investment it’s better to buy index linked funds…

best of luck.

This is the right place. Try babypips.com/school

You can also find other references here…

there is no way to ignore the importance of learning , but i have seen we the traders always try to bring good amount of profit with no learning. its a deadly decision.

for learning Forex trading the most important is practice. without practicing there is no way to survive successfully.

Helloooo. :blush: Welcome welcome! :smiley: Have you tried checking out the school here? :open_mouth: Might help in starting out. :smiley: