I want to learn the basics

Hi Folks,

Can you please guide me to a name of a good book talks about the basics of trading.

For example, I do not know what Open , Close, Low, High, oversold, overbought means in the trade world.

I want to know the motivation behind these names, I wish if I can read the right book which can put me in the picture.

I do not want to trade blindly, I do not mind if the book is not talking about forex in specific, but what I care about is the concept itself.

I am from engineering background and I have decided to delve into the trading word.

Thanks Allot

the tab School would be the best start for the basics

Not to toot my own horn here, but I wrote my book just for newbies like yourself. (toot!, toot! :smiley: )

In all seriousness, there’s a decent (but not overwhelming) amount of financial theory tossed in along with practical trading stuff, which I think would appeal to someone like yourself.

I think Trader’s Library has the lowest prices, though I’m giving a couple of signed copies of the book away next week as part of an anniversary celebration I’m having to mark a year since the book was released.

I thought I saw your handle somewhere else on this forum.

keegan99k9, I have no idea who you are or what your purpose is, but I did notice that you seem to be starting threads every few days claiming to be a newbie and soliciting advice. Then you post a message in your thread stating that you found all you need in Avi F.'s book. Interesting.

All: Check out keegan99k9’s profile and look at the posts for yourself.


Perhaps its Avi Frister himself???

This is some seriously over-the-top advertising. The type of micromanagement required to do this kind of advertisement leads me to believe that Avi needs to expand his operation a little bit haha. But if you think about it, it’s not any worse than most TV ads, where two strangers talk about a product to give you that “peer-reviewed” warm fuzzy feeling when we know full well they’re both getting paid. Shame on him for wasting all the charitable posters time in a futile effort to help the little weasle!

Oh man Toptick07 you are better than the babypips moderators, I’m impressed, I thought something was fishy with the “How you make money” post. Well he had the right idea, but if he would have came across as a rich trader, and then then said the book changed his life once he had a following, he might have sold more. It does come across as wierd though that he would try to sell the book here, I mean unless he’s on all the forex forums doing this:eek:! I say we start a poll - who here thinks he’ll post again on this thread? Right now he’s been caught, but can another post boost advertising if more people look at it and are curious enough to buy the book? hmmmm… I say he’ll give it another go as for my my TA - the stochastics say the book’s oversold, and from the fundamental side, usually around the spring/summertime more hard copies are sold with more advertising. Just teasing, by the way toptick07 I better not find you nosing around my past posts:mad:! Just kidding :D. Have a good eh!

What? Now he’s using multiple aliases? Just another of Frister’s minions. If that is your real name! (I’m not exactly sure what a minion is, but I hope I can afford a couple one day…)

I’m alright with advertising, but don’t use deceptive methods. Pay the site for the space and stop wasting everyone’s time. I vote we ban all these jokers.

akeakamai has it right.

Shadow - I’m watching you! :smiley:

You decide:


Not you too, I’ve been trying to get the CIA off my back! :smiley: just kidding (don’t take that literally) but they have been calling my house(nothing bad trust me!)

Eh it seems he’s erased it, it’s a good thing you kept his quote or people wouldn’t know what you were talkin about. Well all I can say is I was right he did post it again my TA was right on the dot and I don’t even use it in trading.

Hope the weekend brings relaxation for ya!

The CIA hires subcontractors for external work. … Just so you know. :smiley: