I was scammed!

Yes, the notorious David Jefferson appears to have scammed me. Now I’m not interested in talking trash about someone to get back at him, nor am I interested in people telling me how stupid I was or how they warned me (I know how stupid I was…in hindsight!). I just want others to get a factual story of how such a (very good) confidence man managed to con me.

I’m posting under a pseudonym. Mainly because i’m trying to hang onto the slim chance that he is in fact a very unlucky guy with impossibly poor interpersonal skills and i might one day get my money back. Partly because I’m embarrassed to use my own account.

Here’s what happened: I was taken in by his “by popular demand, one off, just to cover costs, trading room” and I rationalised that a guy with such knowledge and trading skills wouldn’t need to rip me off for £245. I was also swayed by the use of Paypal and their user protection. So I coughed up and paid for the course.

Then he issued a refund and cited paypal as the problem. Great I thought - confidence in his integrity restored! He must be a great guy and I’m onto a winner! At this stage a friend also wanted in, and paid him directly by interbank wire transfer as per his email instructions. The rationale being that the guy must be for real to issue a paypal refund and give out his personal UK bank details. After all, there are rules protecting the innocent user who makes a wire transfer, right?

All was peachy until the first day of the course, when his blog (and any record of the service we’d paid for) disappeared, he actively closed his gmail account, and paypal told me that he didn’t have sufficient funds to honour the refund. At this stage he started ignoring any and all requests for contact. He started answering “i’ll PM you later” to any public requests for contact (to many people, i noted) but never honouring that promise.

It turns out that paypal protection doesn’t exist for intangible services, that there is no protection for the naiive peasant who makes a wire transfer to a con-man, and that David Jefferson is far too coincidently unlucky to be a decent but somewhat socially retarded man. I’m not here to state an opinion of the man for fear one of his high profile fictitious lawyers driving an equally fictitious aston martin sues me for libel. Everything i have stated here is factual. My only solace is that he could have got far more out of me. He is an incredibly good con man.

I keep asking “why does he keep posting on here and persevering after he has the money?”. The best answer i have is that he didn’t get all the money he wanted. Payments made via Paypal before his account was restricted for providing a financial service were cleared into his account, whereas refunds were issued automatically by the system after the account was restricted. So he is still after more cash and trying to separate those who still follow him from those who have already been burned. Hence why he opened his own restricted access forum. I think this because he hasn’t authorised my or my friends accounts on his forum, presumably because we used the same username as here.

Overall, anyone reading this please take note of what has happened to me and my friend. And if i save someone else from wasting £245 on this guy, at least some good has come from my ‘investment’.

Out of interest, is anyone else in the same boat?

Sorry for your loss. No I can say he didnt get me as I did like his material but I would never pay someone for knowledge I can get my self. Also ICT offers his for free so that helps. I thought something was fishy when I tried to reply to his thread only to find out he had me on the ignore list. Still dont understand why someone would do that when I never did anything to him. Now I know that he knew he would not have scammed me and I would have called him on it. Again sorry for your loss

Its a sad world we live in. I hope this post can save at least one newbie.

I wouldn’t post this here. There is the possibility BabyPips is in on this scam.

Possibility of course :wink: I’m not accusing anybody of anything.

Davey Jefferson is full of it. But you know… it’s there in black and white.

Would be nice to have a few answers from the powers that be here :slight_smile:

Well I would be shocked to believe B pips gave out any IP addresses since that is a Illegal and this guy is a virtual nobody but hey you never know :wink:

Totally agree. I would be shocked and disappointed if they had. I can’t see it myself… but would be nice to have somebody clarify this matter for certain.

so the question is did mods on babypips collude with this clown and give out ip details

true or false

You should have sniffed his IP in that chat room, I doubt it had any security. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, very interesting I’m sure they haven’t, you know Data Protection and all that :slight_smile:

FFS, ANOTHER David Jefferson thread…?

Can we all just give it a break.

Just give this one a bit of room to breathe.

Will be nice to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Its another load of BS, as there are 2 people in the chat room now whose IPs would definitely have been included on his hate list.

SO he is claiming that BP have broken the law, and by colluding with him are in on his scam - thats 2 acts of law breaking BP are allegedly involved in. Thus BP should ban him, delete all his threads, and issue a warning to all newbies whilst he continues the fraud, and pass all relevant documents over to the police.

pseudonym - sorry to hear of your loss. Is it possible you can verify (with BP) the payment to Jefferson and non return to BP admin so that they can act accordingly?

I may not be a power that be here but I have been here a long time and this jefferson character is full of it. Babypips is a legit website and would not do that. If they were a fly by night forum like his is then maybe but there not. Besides if he is the admin there anyone that bad mouths him or asks a question will be banned. He does not need ip addresses to ban people off his site. Besides babypips makes money for the site by selling advertisement adds at the top. This means they need traffic to come here or they will not be able to sell there room for advertisements. So they surely will not make people feel unsafe by doing this and hope there members stay. Its just not good business. So let this lieing scammer run off and disappear.

It would be interesting to see… if it is indeed false, would BP considering taking this matter to court as I believe old Davey would be found liable for defamation (libel)

Defamation…and libel (for written, broadcast, or otherwise published words)—is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation a negative or inferior image. This can be also any disparaging statement made by one person about another, which is communicated or published, whether true or false. In Common Law it is usually a requirement that this claim be false and that the publication is communicated to someone other than the person defamed (the claimant).[1]

If the business of BP was to suffer as a result of this i.e people leave BP as they are worried about their privacy, then they would have an excellent chance of pursuing this in court.

Assuming it is false of course.

and whats babypips supposed to do? The guy got scammed it may not be fair but it is not babypips’s problem. If you took the school of pipology upon graduation there is a section warning people of scammers out there. They do the best they can to keep them off this site but nothing is perfect. Protect yourself and you will be fine.

I was also scammed by David. I just sent him pm on his new blog to issue refund and got banned. This is the worst scam I have seen as I lost money without even getting the training. I guess it would have been a waste of time anyways.

He hasnt disappeared, he is doing exactly the same as he was doing on here, just somewhere he can control. The only people he has disappeared from is those who paid him and didn’t get a refund. BP need to do everything they can to stop this happening in the future ie a warning to all on here that he has scammed members, and is thus likely to do it again.

Maybe the followers will then leave him be.

I suggested exactly what they should do in the sentence before that one - put up a warning that he is a verified thief.

The fact that BP allow thread starters to block members from posting is in part a helpful hand to those who want to control information to their advantage eg by pretending to know what they are talking about before they start asking newbies for fees.

The least they can do then is admit that this policy failed this time, members got scammed and they highlight this so that anyone who does a google search in future will see for definite that he is a scammer.

Change the title of the thread to PLEASE ASSIST MODERATORS! perhaps then someone will look… :wink: