I will code your Expert advisor without a fee

I will post here, when it will hopefully succeeded and at least one EA of 3000 will survive.

At one point in time not too long ago I seriously contemplated asking this poster to build an EA for my strategy. I thought long and hard about it and decided against it and from what I am seeing here I am glad I did. The guy further up didnt ask for the EA he commissioned to be tested or anything…just build it and let him have it. For all we know the thing could be working like a charm but I suspect it will never reach the hands of the conceptualizer. Two sayings come to mind when I see what is going on here…one having to do with how to proceed when your hand is in the mouth of a lion and the other relates to Greeks bearing gifts.

No idea what you mean. I communicate transparently what I can do, what I can’t do, what the current status is and what the next steps are.
No lions, no Greeks, no Greeks riding on lions, no Greeks hiding in lions or vice versa.

Actual status: 1600 EAs build, 1400 to go. After building, the 3000 EAs will go through robustness tests.

would you please check you PMs , thanks

@liquifire Who do you mean?

creator of topic , can you code strategy ?

Made 3000 EAs and tested them on robustness (Different Slippage, Pair, Timeframe and 10 Monte Carlo Randomizationtests) on timeframe H1. Unfortunately, no one survived. I’m trying now greater timeframe H4.

Thanks Revenash for your effords. Can you publish one or more the best of your EA here, for testing?