I will make you a free EA based on your trading strategy


I would really like an EA coded for the parabolic SAR.

I need the stop loss to be the Parabolic (dynamic/moving), and the TP to be adjustable to wahtever values I chose.

So a buy entry would be, as soon as the candle hits the top dot, and the dot changes to the bottom, we enter.
Stop is set at the new bottom dot.

Sell is exact opposite.

Only one order per signal.
So example…say we enter a buy, and the TP from that buy signal has been activated and were flat now.
No new trade will be activated now, until the next new signal/dot crossover.

This is where Im having problems with other parabolic EA’s…it seems as soon as I exit they always wanna put on a new trade.
But I want it to wait until price crosses dot again, before entering a new one.

Can anyone help? :smiley:
Also…settings of the Parabolic must be customizable as well.


I was messing around with an ea similiar to this, it was ok but not too profitable. If you are interested I can start back on it again!
Maybe your ideas might work better than mine.

Both your system looks interesting and potentially profitable.
Can you let us know some of its details eg which pair for both system?

As for the 2nd system, you mention 3 positions, care to explain the mechanics of these 3 positions eg TP, SL settings as will as Trainiling stops for each of them.?



I wonder if you can design an EA for me based on the following:

if price break out on previous period’s high/low, then go short or go long

with these criteria’s customizable:

start time = opening time of particular pair
lot size
period(M5, M15, M30, H1, etc…)
number of pips above/below previous high/low to open position
order life time
TP value
SL value

Otherwise it’s just no trade.

I basically use TP 30, SL 70 on Daily chart, and it can’t be more effective.

Just made 90++ pips today!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks very much!!!

Hello Mr. Yarcofin,

I need your help to develop a EA for my system which i require as:

I place the order manually but need to close the order when price cross the 21 EMA. its look simple but very powerfull strategy i found.

thanks in advance.

Umesh Patel

ok, here is my shot…
Use Bollinger Bands (17,1) to identify clear trends, avoid side-mkts. And Ema (4) to help find entry/close signal.
Enter a trade based on incremental differences between close of current bar data and close of previous bar data

Enter LONG If:
Close of current Bar (B1) is ABOVE the EMA of current B1… AND
BB-High1 (current Bar or B1) minus BB-high2 (previous Bar or B2) is >= (greater than) 1/3 of 1 StdDev of Current bar B1).
Means curve is getting steeper up-trend.

Enter Short if:
Close of current Bar (B1) is BELOW the EMA of current B1(fast Ema)… AND
BB-Low2 (previous Bar or B2) minus BB-Low1 (current B1) is >= (greater than) 1/3 of 1 StdDev of Current bar B1).
Means curve is getting steeper down-trend.

Hold Long or Short position until…
The close of B1 is below // or // above the EMA (reverse position)… AND
Increment of different BB value is less than (<=) 1/10 of 1 AtdDev (means curve is flattening)

Once you enter a trade signal (long or short) close all active trades except those that happen to be in same direction the new order is signaling you to go.
Only one trading position at a time.
Use of SL or TP at will, Think SL is not needed as EA will quickly stop you out if against.
Is very simple, but looks good on paper to avoid side markets and can be useful along other indicators.
1 StdDev is the difference between the up or lower band and the main (which is the SMA, in this case I am using 17)

Hi all.
Pls i would need help with the developing of an ea based on price action only.
The rules of this simple price action ea are as followings:

1)Can either be set to (a)ONLY BUY, (b)ONLY SELL ©BOTH BUY & SELL [B]at candle open[/B] .I.e hedge
2)Option to choose to open each new position [B]per new bar open[/B] OR [B]per pip target[/B](e.g after every 20 pips a new position is opened)
2)TAKEPROFIT/STOPLOSS: 2 options: (1) Total profit/loss [B]per open position[/B] OR (2)Total profit/loss [B]on all open positions[/B]
3)Both 4 & 5 digit brokers
4)Applicable to all timeframes
5)Option for Lot size
6)Option for Maximum open positions
7)Option of trailing stop

Will really appreciate this.

I have been experimenting with the Top Trend indicator at various settings, combined with the Centre of Gravity indicator and it works very well. I and am wondering if an EA could be made for this.

All I am looking for is an ea that buys and sells a closed break of the Top Trend indicator. Using the COG indicator, I will select whether to buy or sell.

I live in Australia, and cannot babysit trades during the busy market times as I have a wife and need to sleep.

Can someone please help with this, it would be a very profitable strategy.

Thanks in advance.


I have very good strategy to share. It works great manually. But to testify it, EA will be good. If anybody is interested to code it, please PM me.

Let me know if your available to still make an EA. I have a brilliant strategy that i have been forward testing and back testing for months now. It astounds me because of it’s potential. The problem is each trade needs to be placed at a specific time otherwise it throws the whole strategy off. I’m looking to trade 4 currencies simultaneously between only 8 a.m. eastern time and end each day at 10 a.m. The strategy only allows me to trade Mondays through Thursdays during the specified time frame mentioned above. The Strategy is very simple and only has a few basic rules that make it so successful. The duration of each trade (no matter winning or losing) is only 20 minutes. but on paper on average i am able to capture 100 pips within the 2 hour time frame i mentioned above during those days. Would you be able to write code for an ea telling it when to trade, using an indicator that hasn’t been made yet? (I will have to explain what i mean by this if your interested), and tell it to close the position no matter what after the 20 minute expiration time? also, after exiting a trade, I wait a full 20 minutes before re-analyzing the market to enter the next 4 trades. Could an ea be programmed to wait 20 minutes after closing the 4 positions to reenter? Lastly each position needs to be entered at the exact same time and closed at the exact same time. Can you make this possible? It would be of great help. I look forward to your response, and you will love the results once your ea shows them.

do you still make EA for free?I want parabolic sar only,buy when a new dot appear below the candle and sell when a new dot appear above the candle and close the previous position.Work on Any time frame.Setting (0.10 and 0.11 )shift 0

Could you make me an indicator that would email me when my EA makes a trade or exit a trade?

Dear Yarcofin,
I am a Newbie, but i have an idea that will be a reality with your help, Will you make me an ea with this below conditions?

  • Works on specify time (HH:MM:SS)
  • place BuyStop and SellStop immediately with option range(with StopLoss and Trailing option) and dont close the other position if buy or sell stop got trigerred.
    I think its good for News Trading…

Thank You very much…

HI Can you make this work?
Buy Rule
Cci period 8 must be above 0 line
Cci period 4 must cross 0 line from below

sell rule
Cci period 8 must be below 0 line
cci period 4 must croos 0 line from above

if you can make this work please give me the ea

Is it feasible to create an EA that works with 2 different amount of time? It would use the 4HR to establish which direction to enter, and also the 30M to activate the profession.

Yes, you can trade multiple symbols and multiple time frames on one EA.

I trade an indicator which I got off the web for free which is profitable. If you can create an Ea for it, it will surely benefit everybody as it will be free here on BabyPips. I am no coder and actually IT Ignorant compared toyou younsters, so I don’t know if I can attach it here.
The indicator is Trend Signal Pro, and earlier one is Trend Signal V2 and the first one I used was Trend Signal C13. It uses arrows to enter and exit, and the only requirement I have for this EA is that it must open orders on a closed candle, and close the order on the first sight of the new arrow in the next opposite direction. If this thing runs on the 1hr TF with majors like EUR, GBP, AUS, CAD, 24 hours and basically always in, it should create a nice profit monthly. You need to have SL as well, but TP is optional because it simetimes makes plenty pips if left alone. This way there will be some small losses too but which becomes irrelevant mostly because of the big profits it sometimes make. Let us know if you are prepared to do this. Thanks!

Hey @OuBallie, This appears to be written by the author of Trend Signal Pro??

Just gotta know where to look… Follow the links… Demo available…

Where do you guys dig up these archaeological threads from…?

Hi, do you happen to have an EA that will close and open trade on any time frame?

EA operation:
-Close any open order at the close or open of a new candle. That’s it.
-All time frames

Thank you!

Hi, I went to your profile and could not find your email.

Could you kindly post it here.

Thanks and regards