IAM ADRI, iam here to learn and earn

“Hi, my name is Adri. I am new here and I am very excited to work with you and also to learn from you too. Currently i am working for more than 14 years in a mining company now. i’ve done several projects in mining. I particularly enjoy the process of working in a gold mine, crushed stone production and dimension stone. I am sure that with all of you, i can learn something new and achieve new successes in the Forex trading business. Besides work, I am a father of two young kids and i like traveling a lot. I am here because i want to create freedom for myself and for my family, i believe that Forex Trading can give me my freedom and earn so that i can have more time for my family and working on CREATING GENERATION WEALTH.

I hope that i can make history here together with you.

With Kind Regards,


most welcome in this forum. i hope for the best . have a success journey from this market place. happy trading

sounds really good that you want to lead a freedom life for you and your family. happy trading and good luck

to bring good amount of money from this trading place is not a minor deal , need a very long time experience with good level of patience.

Forex can make you rich and profitable but first of all, you have to make sure all inevitable parts of trading, otherwise the trading life could be more dangerous.

success is a common issue but we traders try to bring this with very short time which is totally impossible.