Ichimoku MultiTimeFrame Trading

I have a question for experienced ichimoku users.
When I trade should I confirm/look at a higher timeframe?
For an example:
I trade on the 1hour chart,so when I find good bullish or bearish confirmation I go to daily chart to see if it
also confirm…but most of the time the future clouds are different,if on 1 hour future kumo is bullish then on daily its bearish…and i dont know what to do…enter or not…please advice ,should i look at higher timeframe or not.
Thank you.

Ichimoku is a great trend following system so you should make sure that a genuine trend exists.
You shouldn’t be trading against the daily cloud (unless you wanna trade the correction which is harder)
but you also have to keep in mind that your decision will be better if the two timeframes that you use are
not that far away! I personally use the H4 charts with confirmation from the daily, perhaps you should
be looking at the H4 charts for confirmation if you are trading the H1 chart… Either way if one cloud
is bullish and the other one is bearish just ditch that pair, find another pair where you have confirmation
from both clouds that this pair is just continuing its course! Nobody forces you to trade a certain pair.
Hope that helps…

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