ICT mentorship program

Which episode is the best to start learning ICT 2022 mentorship program for currency traders

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Oh wow I didn’t know he has a different program every year?

What is this ICT thing? Is it, like, a cult or something? I keep hearing about it, like if you watch enough episodes of Dr Who you start seeing “Torchwood” written on things…

Here’s the playlist that starts with the first video and ends with the video 41 in June 22. There’s more videos are this date though, with “Core Content Month” in the title. But this will get you started.

Inner Circle Trader. Trade guy who was on this website a long time ago. Had a huge following. Rubbed lots of people the wrong way. did a trading content or challenge that blew up in his face, so he left. But he had a … following or believers or whatever.

Now on YT. Lots of good stuff he’s sharing.

plenty of threads here too - Search results for 'inner circle trader' - BabyPips.com Forum

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Thanks for the info

Thanks for this information!

Yeah check out his 2022 mentorship series on YouTube and then go from there. More than enough to get you started in my opinion. Have to put the work in though, he doesn’t hand it to you on a plate.

I’ve checked out the old ICT threads here. Not sure what I think.

detailing sophisticated system logic takes time to master. especially when you have more than one process competing for highest earner