Idea for EA

Hello all,

I wanted to see if anyone knows of an EA that already exists that would place a buy or sell order based on the previous candle’s price action. Basically, if the previous candle closed down, then place a sell order at the open of the next candle with a preset TP and SL. If SL or TP has not been hit during that candle, close the order when the candle closes and open a new order repeating the whole process.

The process would work the same for a buy scenario. If the previous candle ended UP, then place a buy order that lasts for the duration of the current candle.

Anyone know of anything like this that already exists? If not, is anyone willing to create an EA to do this? I’m not a programmer by any means, but I am wanting to test this theory. Thanks to all who can help.


Bueller? Bueller?

Would be relatively easy to code. If you really want it done, why not hire a programmer to do it or learn how yourself? MT4 has built in EA wizards and example code is all over the net. Ronald Raygun has put out lots of free EA code on

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