Ideas for managing non trading distractions?

Hi Guys,

I haven’t been able to trade for the past 3 days because my broker decided to give the US the finger. Thus I’ve attempted to focus on improving my forex education in the “free time”, I have not analysing charts for potential trades. However, after spending the past hour reading through the saga that was David Jefferson and Andrew Kearne I need to remind myself that even a great resource like BP, can lead to unproductive and wasted time.

I think on a regular basis I still struggle to focus on the ultimate goal that is: “becoming a profitable full time trader” and I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts, ideas or methods of staying focused on the task? I’ve become less fit (I am a slob!) than I was a few years ago and considering using exercise to help keep my focus, and maybe find a symbol or something…

I found this vid posted by HoG quite inspiring and I like his idea about collecting coins and one day framing a note:


You may want to consider giving this book a read while your of a mind to look at ways you can improve your trading situation: The Daily Trading Coach by Brett Steenbarger.

Struggling traders have a great understanding of complex trading systems and are interested in perhaps combining the best of 2 or 3 advanced approaches, but first just need to learn a little more as they feel they just don’t quite know enough about something, and when they learn just that little bit more, it should all click. Successful traders keep it simple.
Struggling traders read all the same famous and highly regarded trading books, as all the other new traders, and adopt all the same generalisations. Successful traders challenge every generalisation.

Thanks mate might check it out.

I am not struggling as a trader, just looking for ideas to be less distracted (staying focused all the time!!!) on my trading goals. Successful traders may keep it simple but wise men never stop learning! :slight_smile:

Automate your trading by having a script that can trigger your alerts and even place your trades.

I trade solely using scripts that I make and maintain myself. This allows me got get away from the screen and enjoy life. Going golfing of shopping while trading certainly makes that you cannot be tempted to adjust your trades prematurely…:slight_smile:

I use alarms for areas of interest to flag possible entry points, and so I don’t have to constantly watch and be across several charts. But I do think I need to limit my chart time more (Golf’s not a bad idea!).

When you say scripts is that something to do with using Expert advisor in MT4?

So you already experience the advantages…:slight_smile: Do you receive emails to you phone when an alert is triggered? This I have found very usefull. Yes, I am talking about MT4 Expert advisors. It is important to have your own script, because you need to understand what is does. But it can take a lot of things out of your hand. Even make your screen ‘Black’ while you are in a trade, to protect you against yourself…:stuck_out_tongue:

Golf is excellent. I am a terrible golfer, but I don’t mind…:slight_smile:

No I go one better and receive an SMS to my phone when my alarms are triggered. It costs nothing and although I have a smart phone, I am more likely to be across messages than email. :slight_smile:

I’ve recently become interested in EA trading as I’ve lurked around in the forums but I am not sure about moving in that direction yet. Sounds like a lot of them are unreliable. Are they easy to write or do you need a programmers background?

Don’t worry as bad as you say you are at golf, I am sure I am much worse…