I’m not getting any feedback in Forextown on a setup. Just practicing using this site and not had any results. Any suggestions? Maybe stay on newbie island?


If you have setups like the GbpUsd you mentioned, why not try getting Merlin to answer your questions live on air?

Power Trading Radio - Daily Day Trading and Investing Podcasts

Press the Powerblast button and type in your question; Tuesday is usually the currency-specific edition of the Power Trading Radio show, and Merlin has guests who are traders or instructors answering currency questions fron listeners… I had my questions answered a few times this way, and it is a show available as a podcast too if you cannot tune in live (it goes on air at 11pm GMT)…

Just saying :slight_smile:

Sweet! I never knew that. Although it’s not that important. was just following the sites mission statement :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile:

You are welcome…