I'm a Forex Enthusiast

Hi everyone! Great to be here, I’ve read couple of posts here and I can say confidently this is a great platform. It feels like home to be able to connect with other Forex-minded people. I’m so sure I’ll love it here. Anything Forex turns me on…(lol)!! No one is an Island of knowledge in Forex, you keep learning till infinity. So having a great platform like this where you can learn from others ideas and unlearn(lol) is a great opportunity to me to be here…

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Hi and welcome on BP :slight_smile: Regards Greg

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thank you so much

yes it caters for all which is good

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yeah very good

Glad to have you here, Lyna2222! Totally agree. Forex trading is a long journey and learning never stops. How long have you been trading?

Hi and welcome… :slightly_smiling_face:

huh ! I see you seem to be older (seems to be retired), and you are as passionate about forex as you said? Oh! That surprised me.
What method do you use to analyze the market?

Welcome to the community @Lyna2222. We’re glad to have you here too.