Im a great young trader but dont have the capital!

You have to be very careful with that money. Forex money is like a spirit, once it is gone, it is gone. I think you should do another business with that money and deposit the profit into Forex, at least you’ll then have multiple source of income. people who trade Forex do that with money they can afford to lose, this will remove desperation and emotions. You don’t have a live trading experience from what you said, so be very careful.

In the Forex trading business we need to be prepared for getting the losses also as like with the profits. If the mindset is correct then we would be able to get a good income also.

If you are confident enough to make money, you can take loans from banks or your relatives. After making a good platform you can return the loan and make a good career in this market.

Why don’t you start with just $100 and make it grow to a grand!?

Okay, from asking in the forum to your mom suddenly agreeing to loan you the sum - that escalated quickly. Anyway, I hope you use that amount wisely and keep us updated. All the best.

try to convince your family

It would be great if you can practice demo trading. This will help you take advantage of the market.

if you are so sure you can apply for the loan. people can help you only when they know you personally.

If you do not have the capital to start forex trading then you shouldn’t be trading or even try to borrow money that you can use in forex trading because there is no guarantee that you will earn profit even if you think that you are a very good trader who can make it big.

I really appreciate your skills and knowledge, but honestly I would recommend you get a job and trade with your own capital. You trading skills will definitely help you!

It is best to get capital from a source where of you even lose it you will not be in any stress or have to worry about the money that you lose. You can even start forex trading with as low as 50 dollars. If you are a good trader then you should be able to make a lot from the 50 dollars.

I guess, instead of asking people out for capital and borrowing funds for trading which will never help you as it would add another level of pressure to you while trading, you should just grab few bucks out of your own pocket and start trading. You can go for good offshore brokers as they offer higher leverages and certain other bonus and discount incentives oftenly which will anyway help you to add the margin to your account.