I'm a newbies

Hello all,

I’m new in here. How fast can I master those forex tutorial that babypips gave to me?


How long is a piece of string?

People all learn at different rates & different ways: some will read a Pip School chapter & understand it, others may have to read it twice & also play about in their charts to grasp the same concept.

Plus the BabyPips School will give you a rock solid understanding of the basic of forex trading & therefore a solid platform to progress but the learning doesn’t stop when you complete the school on this site. Hell, the learning still doesn’t stop even when you’re a profitable trader.

Hi Michael,
Welcome to babypips. Lucky for you to found this site to start your Forex school. I have visited other School sites but nothing is so structured and informative as the one here at babypips :7: As for how fast you can learn, it is all up to you! It depends on how many hours you have time in learning and of course it depends on how fast you understand the lessons. Cheers!

I understand it. thanks for the information.

I’m about to start learning it. I give myself a month.

Hello guys… i am also new here starting my first day!

Sorry Michael, I have to ask: why only give yourself a month? What is the rush for something that could be a lifelong passion? Seriously, do you only plan on living a month? :confused:

I started the School of Pipsology in February and have only just graduated from it. I read every lesson, re-read some, did the quizzes & even redid quizzes (most only twice but some 3 times) & have been reading through the blogs at the same time. There is a mountain of rock-solid of information on this site; information that is far, far better than all those spruikers, freebie newsletters, video’s, etc that clog up my email inbox.

I adopted the attitude that I would not rush, I would understand first & foremost. If I want to be serious about making a living from forex trading then I need to be just as serious, dedicated & committed about my own self-education.

Please have a think about the timeframe you have allotted yourself.
Cheers from West Oz :20:

i too newbie :42: