I'm fresh to babyPips

Hey Guys,

I’m Ricky and I’m happy to get my foot in the door for currency trading, a princess from Paris recommended it to train me up.

Lets all get Smarter,

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Welcome Ricky. Dedicate yourself to learn trading before going to live trading. As they say invest your time before investing money. Do demo trading as much as you need to find at least one good strategy. I am wishing you all the luck.

Thank you.

Just make sure you don’t part with any money, until you’ve learnt how to trade FX properly and proficiently. This is a great Education site, and it will take you months to see the reality.

best of luck.

hello Ricky , most welcome in this community , i hope you will enjoy the friendly environment , happy trading , be knowledgeable

demo is important for ensuring all basic knowledge but i dont like to trade in there , because there is no real money and we cant focus on there consistently , so i think micro account is the good solution,.

Try babypips.com/school

You can also find other references here…