Im give up with trading

no way to ignore the importance of demo at all particularly for beginners level. but sometimes i prefer micro account instead of demo. because traders lost interest in demo after passing sometimes.,

Instead of fearing losses and stop trading, think of ways with which you can minimize your loss. Bring up that confident to lessen down this fear.

To add to the wonderful suggestions, take your time to learn leverage, learn it over and over again. FX is a maraton business, your capital has to stay long to survive and increase your chance of learning from your mistakes. See one of the likely cause of your recent failure here

yes, its all about long time process , so by and large lost interest after passing sometimes.

follow my trading tips , i put out some good trades today , get yoursekf back on track

if no patience , i think its important to leave the Forex market place, because market bring profit only for patience people.