I'm here to introduce myself

[B]Evening BabyPips forum. [/B]

my name is Leethar from south africa durban.

i’m here for help, i need someone who’ll help me to trade, i don’t even know anything about trading so i’m willing to learn even though its gonna be so hard.

please welcome me.

Get in the school of pipsology and keep going :slight_smile:

Welcome hope u enjoy the day at sch

Hie, Leethar. Welcome to babypips. If you don’t have any knowledge about trading then you must start with school section of forum to learn about trading and its tools.

Hi everyone. I’m looking forward to joining

Don’t just think it’s gonna be hard learning and understanding forex. I for instance was a complete stranger to forex and honestly it took me a few months getting in sync with it. The key is patience and dedication and then things fall into place. Start with the school of pipsology and all the best.

Hello, Leethar! WelcoGreat place to learn trading. See you around!