I'm Jafar and I want change my job to Trading at Forex

Hi all.
I’m Jafar from Tehran,Iran.
Until a few weeks ago, I knew nothing about Forex.
My main job is writing for online magazines and two weeks ago my boss asked me to research about the Forex and write an article for Alamto Magazine members.
After some searching, I entered the world of Forex and I am amazed at the size and beauty of this world.

I’ve an important question so please answer me: I want to resign and focus on learning the Forex market. Is this a logical decision?

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First of all, welcome to the community!

Second, please do not quit your Job. Forex is very difficult, and the truth is most people fail.

So, get early retirement out of your head, at least for the next year or 2. Read through the BP course, open up a practice account through a reliable broker, and practice, practice, practice what you learn.

After a year or 2 then you can ask yourself the question: Should I quit my job to pursue a career in Forex.

Good luck.


Thanks Matty it was a really good advice. I’ll take it.
thank again.


I second what MattyMoney has suggested. Don’t think about leaving your current job when you have not even started to trade. Most full time-traders started out trading part-time, becoming skilled enough to make a sustainable profit from trading, and only then took up trading as full time.


Welcome man,

I had the same mindset in the beginning, but you should be focused on multie streams of income. So keep working, be busy on forex and find new ways to make money. Untill you make enough to actually quit your job, then you’re ready to go eeven further.

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