Im Jean and I just heard that forex trading will make me rich

Hi im jean im so new about forex.all i know is that people makes a lot of money in forex and that the speaker in a seminar i attended mentioned about forex trading he didn’t go into details. I don’t know where to start what to learn first. I registered a demo acct in and my acct manager suggested so I could study the basic before I go hoping someone could guide me here.thank you so much…

Hi Jean and welcome :slight_smile:

I would recomend you to do the school of pipsology here at BP, and take it from there…you will have a ton of questions, and they are better answered when you have done the school and understand a little bit more of the “lingo” :slight_smile:
Good luck with FX :slight_smile:

Hi Scorpius! Thank you so much for your heartwarming welcome. If you don’t mind me asking where can I go to the school of pipsology from here? Thank you once again.

You’ll find a link in the menu under the header called “school”…click on it and you’ll be there :slight_smile: