I'm new to Forex

My name is Kay Ola, I have lost in money in Forex in the past. I’m now ready to learn and start to trade fully.
I’m originally from Nigeria (Africa). I will appreciate every help anybody can render.

Thanks so much in advance…

Well, forgive me my dearfull question, have you ever coped with civil war back there? because i did back here and is nothing compared with the pain of trading. If you could get out of a situation where others would just started to cry you will just have a little advantage but not enough. True story.

Dude, forgive me for asking but why are you always the eternal pessimist? It’s not a very nice way to welcome new members to this forum, regardless of any truth in your statement.

No being pessimist, just being honest, just telling what people normally don’t do about forex.

We can’t give you the fish, but we can give you the net and teach you HOW to fish.

Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody. Am open to any suggestion that can make my Forex dream a positive one. Please tell me guidelines needed to be followed to start with…waiting for you reply.

Look around at this forum. You’ll find a lot of useful stuff. Also, go through the School of Pipsology.

All the best. :slight_smile: