I'm new to this site

Hey everyone I’m from Canada and have a small business of my own. I finally have some time during this virus outbreak to dedicate to something I have always dreamed of doing; being a trader. I just finished the babypips kindergarten and am loving the education. Now I’m looking for the right broker and am hoping to get some good advice here.

Cheers RK

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Welcome, mate.
I hope you will find your answer in this wonderful community.

Hi :slight_smile: try to find regulated broker, this is very importand :slight_smile: Regards Greg

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Mabybe you can try the below steps:
Skilled foreign exchange transaction process: foreign exchange trading platform and trading time period
A few targeted learning of several mainstream indicators (such as K-line, moving average, Bollinger, etc.)
After knowing a few basic indicators, simulate the simulation exercises.
Practice and summarize experience during the simulation.
Download the software and register your real account.
Communicate on the forum or in the forex trading circle and find out the best strategy for you.
Persist and persist tenaciously.

Good luck, i have found this is a good place to learn and lots of people are here to give you advice.

Hi rdodger! I hope all is well with you in your place. Good luck with the School. You can also use the search bar and look for recommended forex brokers. See you around! :wink:

yes i have some advice here if you like In search of the Best Broker to start Forex trade

Hey mate, its great to have you here. Babypips is certainly the best place to learn and once you are done learning you must start researching about the brokers you can opt for. My advice would be to check out brokers with lower spreads and good conditions like Turnkey forex, Lmfx,Fxchoice and the like. I hope you get the right broker.