I'm not afraid

Well today was another realization day for many months I have been watching my trades and when they go into profit and start reversing I get the old FOL (fear of loss) kicking in and I exit early only to watch it carry on going in the direction I wanted but after having a chat with my wife about how idc about money and trade because I enjoy it I saw the long term trades as more interesting and I will not be swayed by the fear factor again now all I need to do is find a good system that works for me on the weekly daily 4h and 1h charts and I’ll be even happier. May the pips be plentiful for all that are pure.

Congratulations, you’ve solved one of traders’ biggest problems. I hope you continue down the same path. :slight_smile:

I think long term trade is good for every experienced trader but if you are new in Forex trading then short term trading is good.

I am also like with long term plan as swing trader which using weekly timefarme and daily timefare to look on major trend, and then using one hour timeframe to determine entry area and then look on smallest timeframe to get timing to enter.

That is the best use of timeframes, and combined with a realistic lot size you won’t have any psychological issues if the trade goes the wrong way.

I always admire traders like you - I simply do not have enough patience to trade in this manner.

I am not afraid of loosing money in forex market because I had made good practice on demo I know the real sense of this business where we loose as well as gain profit according to our trading skill.