Important need to know for the new trader

I really appreciate your contributions; hope you’ll help more the new traders of this community! All the best!

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Will you cover the fundamental & technical both in this thread?

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Hey Obsy: Thanks for the topic. I always see positive vibes in every topic posted here being a newbie :smiley:

When you say a good platform how do you mean?

I am quit just new to the forex trading. I then decided to open an account with a broker while their PAMM manager traded for me while I kept reading.

They blew off the account I felt so disappointed, but the I the noticed after a few reseach that the broker was a market maker and had a lot of platform manipulation.

I don’t know if I should mention the broker.

Why would you not mention the broker ?

does this forum allow that?

of course it does
if a broker is good, mention them
if a broker is crap, mention them
what’s wrong with that ?

the purpose of this forum , when it comes to brokers and newbies , is to share experiences and tell everyone who is crap and who is good

the site rules do not forbid you from saying a broker is crap and mentioning the name
Example E-Toro is crap, as we all know
see… easy as that

okay. hotforex is the broker. I am presently looking for a very reliable broker that I can use.I have not been trading since then,but just reading.


ok use the search bar at the top and type in HOTFOREX and see what comes up
also type in BROKERS and see which ones’ have good comments and which have negative and make a choice

I understand you tho but let me clarify a few things.

  1. It is wrong to assume everyone’s trading career began from when he joined baby pips. So my two years on babypips (if you think it is little time), does not encompass my entire trading journey. So I
    Really do not understand this ‘newbie’ tag you trying to force on.:smile:

  2. I have already mentioned that they are my lessons, call it advice or anything that makes it easy for you to comprehend, your choice . I have read of get rich quick mentalities, scams and ppl losing money out of being ill informed when they start forex.I hope to have less newbies losing money and less falling to scams from knowing the simple do’s and don’ts. I don’t have to be a grandfather of forex to teach this.

  3. You may have decades of experience in forex, it doesn’t make you the wisest guy in forex. Ppl with far more years of experience in forex lose money everyday. If u took 10 years to learn forex, kudos. It is this kind of mentality that made u take so long, it doesn’t have to take anybody else that’s no rule.

  4. The fact that there are tons of lessons here doesn’t mean we need not add to it. Everyone will understand every topic differently, I believe I can speak the newbie language to help them. I will do exactly that.

  5. Lastly, what the heavens is “Authority”? And who is supposed to give this authority? Are you kidding me? What sort of archaic mindset is that? The less said about this, the better.

i read your piece on how ppl sending you messages and asking you to trade for them. with some even expecting you to trade for them. As sad as that is, it really is true and we must do our piece to help avoid such needless loss of hard earned money.

Peace out

Mate, maybe, maybe not. I really do not know where this will go but my primary focus is to ensure that entry into forex does not milk the newbie out of his hard earned money. But i believe we should be able to help ourselves. im sure you can drop questions here and we can plead with more experienced guys like @anon81929759 to write a piece on it here for us. i will also talk about it if i have covered it enough. cheers

thank you mate
Peace out

Im sorryto hear you lost some money mate, but at least you learning the lessons, its sad you had to learn it the hard way though. Pls be extra careful of ppl trading for you.

For naming the broker, i think you definitely should. @anon81929759 has a nice topic where he names the bad brokers out there find the link below and please do share

I didn’t assume that.

I didn’t actually assume anything.

I looked at your own words.

That’s not what you were saying a year and half (not two years) ago. We can all see your first post here. It includes the words “Newbie here” and “i will be very grateful for a mentor”, and you wanted someone to suggest a system to you from which you could make 10 pips per day.

So, as you see, I “assumed” nothing. In those circumstances it’s completely reasonable and legitimate to ask why you’re now back and posting “lessons” on a site that already has a complete educational course of its own.

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It was a year and a half, not 2 years, and it IS very little time to be presenting formal lessons, and you yourself said expressly that you were a newbie and looking for support, then.

Exactly as Lukas correctly mentions, above.


Oh i see now, you guys are talking about when i had my first post, and i am talking about when i actually joined . either way, it doesn’t really matter. you guys can go ahead with the debate on how long one needs to be a newbie, guess i have to understand that it wasnt easy for you guys to get your “status”, sorry i dont share in you pain. I can only understand. As and when there are lessons worth sharing, im gonna share them. hope you stick around to add to it with your loads of years of experience.

Peace out.

That’s right Nathaniel_Imas. I wonder why people argue and go on and on. As a newbie I believe that , everyone has FREEDOM to express or share their expertise, knowledge, personal experiences, ideas, discussions etc.

I always find Positive Vibes in everyone’s post. :smiley:

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That’s great! And I have noticed, there have so many dedicated forum members here, it’s a good sign for the new traders!

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Interesting Interpretation with Football, wait for new posts :slight_smile:

There are no shortcuts. No holy grail… Please remember that. And go with the lessons which limit risk/losses when you begin, rather than those which promise fortune. For instance, what is the ideal size of a pip, given your equity and amount you are willing to lose.