In a trading rut

Been in a trading rut. I now feel like I should be trading the opposite of all my trade ideas lol. I’m starting to lose interest thinking this might not be for me. What was the most number of trades you lost continuously and what did you do to change things?

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A run of losers happens to everybody but the actual number won’t mean much outside a specific strategy.

However, your observation that trades in the opposite direction might be more profitable suggests you’re trading reversals. you;re certainly not trend-following as there is only one direction available.

Trading reversals isn’t wrong to do but its inherently low probability, high reward. If what you’re doing is just too emotionally damaging for you, or for you right now anyway, shift to trend-following and re-build confidence and your account.

Then take a look back at a large sample of your losing trades - what were their set-ups and why did they not work?


Longest run was 8 trades in a row , but just went back to basics and stuck with my system and looked at to why I lost in my journal, hence why I record every trade

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Hi mate, it doesnt matter how many losers you have in a row. Dont worry about that. Everyone has losers. I’ve lost so many that I’ve blown accounts, I’ve failed a challenge recently too but I trade full time so it means nothing. What is more important is realising what is going wrong and reflecting so you can decide what to change. At the moment you dont know what to change. So start at the beginning:

Start a journal for all the last trades with took. Work out the stats on them and specifically find out what didnt work. It could be as simple as you are only allowed one trade a day for example and that’s it. Itll be something so simple but you need to find out what it is. Check out this link for what to include in a journal:

Keep us updated. Best of luck.

Yes as I watch all 3 of my open trades in the red. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: I’ll be on the lookout for responses to this discussion also!

There’s a journal section here too. Find somebody doing one that helps you and copy what they do. Might be a start to finding out some things about your trades you didn’t see before.

Thank you for this. I will try your suggestion to focus instead on trend following instead of trading reversals. Yes I should reevaluate my trade set-ups.

How did you feel? Did you feel down at any point? It feels like I’m losing steam thinking that I’m never going to get this trading thing right.


I lost 50 times in a row at one point - however in this were small losses from impulses trades I pulled as soon as I entered.

They were also losses from changing systems as soon as it lost once.

It was a terrible time for me where I was taken over with a gambling addiction more than anything.

In your post it doesn’t say whether your trades were good losses or bad losses. By that I mean did you execute as per your system, or did emotions get in the way.

If you had ‘good losses’ maybe your trading too many markets that are all giving out basically the same signals at the same time.

I noticed that the more markets I traded the longer the run of ‘good losses’ id get.

These days I’m focusing on three markets only - and mostly on daily charts

I see many on here trading 25 pairs or more - personally I think that’s nuts!

It could be your day trading, and with multiple trades a day the chance of a large losing streak is

Whatever the type of thing your doing id advise less of it, be it less markets, less trades, smaller trading size.

Trade at a level that feels totally insignificant until you get through your slump.

Its easy to lose motivation and without trying to sound too new agey, try to find something in your life (or your trading) that is working and focus your attention on that.

Beating yourself up will only reinforce poor trading. Alternatively just take a total break from trading. You will come back with fresh eyes.


Hey, man. You don’t have to lose interest. If you began to use trading apps, for sure is for you. You should find the best app for you. I lost approximately 5-7 trades, and I didn’t give up. I started to read more and to understand which are my strategies. If you want to trade on good platforms, there are a lot of alternatives to Robinhood. Robinhood was my beginning, and now I use its alternatives because I like them more. I can’t say in words how excited I was when I earned my first considerable amount of money. Since you started to be aware of how these trading apps work, you have become much more addicted. Don’t give up, and this is the best source of having an extra income.

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its a very fine answer with good information , got so many fine lines and logic , thanks again for your nice reply.

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Sounds stressful! Well… I guess unless it’s automated trading?? Would that make it a little different?

I know many traders here have stated they don’t actually trade all say 25 pairs. They look at 25 pairs as part of their weekly analysis and if the opportunity presents itself, based on their trade system or strategy, they’re open to opening a trade. They aren’t necessarily limiting themselves to say just the majors.

You can find several trade journals stating that they don’t limit themselves to the pairs they trade.

I think that’s where the trading 20+ pairs comes from. Hopefully I’m not mistaken.

Hmm then technically you’re not really trading it then no? You’re merely putting them in a watchlist? :open_mouth:

25 trades simultaneously, all different pairs? Na, not happening.

Maybe if it’s automated?

I lost a lot in the beginning and still do to this do, but I managed to become profitable after a while. I started losing interest and wanted to give up at one point, but I’m really glad I didn’t because things turned around. It does suck when you get into a rut but you shouldn’t give up! If you turn things around you’ll look back on it and be glad you didn’t walk away.