In Reality Trading is just Stealing. Right?

These are nothing more than a theory.

If you are willing to learn something and have persistence, you can make money out of it.
The fact is that millions of people make money on the stock market every day.
The real question is: do you earn or lose?
It’s up to you.
It’s up to you.


One day you will write a textbook on how to write a textbook

It is not stealing for sure, there is a thin line between trading too much and trading in moderation. Traders need to figure out a way to trade efficiently. Keep your mind open to new perspectives. It is a zero sum game, some win and some lose.

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I don’t understand this.

Put it simply you really like writing a lot don’t you :slight_smile:

Thx I see people are agreeing with my thoughts too

If you watch the YouTube show billion dollar day, they require the other party to lose because of so many lots and they do tricks to not be seen taking profit

No, i just like to explain my thoughts thoroughly.

But since this seems to bother you, you can take full credit for the result that this will be my last post ever on this forum.

Good luck with your stealing…

Ok Sorry it was joke why are you mad at a pineapple that try to make people laugh
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This is how trading operates. This principle is effective. Selling when prices are expected to fall and buying when prices are expected to rise.

Although the word ‘stealing’ isn’t appropriate, yes, the explanation is right. Forex is a zero-sum game. Someone else’s loss means someone else’s profit. The net total being zero.

Don’t trade with an angry mind! It will create your revenge mindset; and end of the day it’ll destroy your trading plan!

Well, also, people buy and sell things all the time. It is stealing to buy 200 bags of flour for $200 then sell each of them individually for $2.00? Buy low, sell high. That’s a bet the seller is taking. What if the news suddenly says that flour is bad for the health? Demand goes down, and you’d have to sell each bag of flour for $0.50 just to get rid of it. That would be an unprofitable trade.

There’s no morality in the equation.