In search of the Best Broker to start Forex trade

Check coinexx they are one of the best brokers around.


  • ICMarkers is suitable for all trading strategies including scalping.
  • “Hyperactive” prohibition: If your server messages have exceeded 5,000 in 1 day (the purpose to protect the server from being overloaded will affect other accounts on the same server of ICmarkets). While, [FBS] and [TickMill] do not prohibit “Hyperactive”
  • The lowest spread can be said as such ( 7 usd/ lot with ECN TRUE account, 6 usd/ 100k USD with CTRADER account)
  • Must say [ICMarket] supports a lot of Forex pairs, Commodity, Stock, Bond, Crypto.
  • They support money transfers from other brokers to ICMarkets, but there’s no reverse
  • Support Metatrader 4 & 5 trading platforms, Meta Web, Ctrader and FIX API Service support
  • Deposit and Withdraw are almost free with all withdrawal methods
  • Supporter support for a long time.


  • There is 100% bonus credit.
  • There is [MICRO ACCOUNT] and a minimum deposit of 5 dollars with 1: 1000 leverage
  • I feel it’s normal. But it has additional copytrader support. If you trade well, you also have income from it
  • If you want to Become a Strategy Provider, you get at least 20% of the profits from your investors (Follower).
  • Support Metatrader 4 & 5 trading platforms, Meta Web and FIX API Service support


  • STANDARD and CENT accounts have a high spread.
  • Withdrawal fees seem high compared to other brokers.
  • There are cent account support for newbies
  • Scalping is very comfortable
  • There is also copytrader for you to earn extra income from it
  • Free VPS but must deposit at least 450 usd and trade at least 3 lots per month.


  • commission is quite low compared to brokers and you will also get an additional 5% commisson fee for Pro account if you register through me. Commisson is 5-6 usd / lot for PRO account. Commisson is 2-3 usd / lot for VIP account
  • Please register via IB26305342. You will receive a 5% instant commisson discount for Pro account
  • No copytrade feature
  • [Tickmill] has a license in FCA, FSA.
  • Deposit and Withdraw are almost free with all withdrawal methods
  • Only 2 platforms: Metatrader 4, Web Trader.

OctaFX :

  • Normal spread
  • They have a 50% bonus for deposits
  • There is free swap account support
  • There is also copytrader for you to earn extra income from it

What are you looking for? Broker for scalping, hedging, swap trading or that offer wide range of trading instruments? I doubt you can find all in one broker.


I am currently using Forexchief. I support these two options. I think they are among the safest brokers to use.

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Fxbrew, though relatively new but trading conditions are worthy. You can go with small capital initially; min. deposit is only $5.

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I’ve been using Coinexx for 7 months. Never liked others better than this, though I split the funds but main is Coinexx since then. The thread above is so good to keep us updated about the changes of brokers.

I suggest "IC Markets + special discount"
Commission (Normal) : $7 per lot
Commisision (Special Discount) : $5.5 per lot

I also know Oanda is a longtime broker. but I do not know that they provide liquidity good?
Please, share your experience

Well, I am currently using turnkey forex. Trading conditions offered are better than what I have observed with other brokers. Do add them to your research list.

oh! I have also noticed turnkey forex. But one thing I was unhappy when they didn’t have any license.
Exactly information about this broker is not available on the internet. But you can share your experience. Thanks

Sorry super late reply. I have not used Oanda yet.

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It’s okay, man.
Oanda’s name has been a broker for a long time since I was still trading. But perhaps opening an account is a little too demanding

sure my overall experience with them is great, stable MT4 platform with low spread and commission, only $2/lot RT and on time withdrawal so far, what would you like to know more apart from these?

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ok Thank you so much

  1. How many types of accounts do they support? Do you have an ECN type account?
  2. What is “RT”?
  3. do they have something more special than other brokers?

Yes they have ECN account and apart from that they also have STP, Micro, swap free and VIP accounts.
RT is Round turn commission mate, meaning you will be paying total commission of $2 per lot both side not each side.
Talking about something special then they are offering 30 days commissions free trading and also you can avail 100% deposit bonus.



  • IG Markets
  • Global Prime
  • Blueberry Markets

Avoid: (they’re stoploss hunters, and slippage cheaters, which I tried)

  • IC Markets
  • Tickmill

I am using OspreyFX. Excellent ECN platform with 1:500 leverage and same day withdrawals

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Do you know anything about brokers that you have recommended? Global Prime and Blueberry Markets just established in 2019. I don’t know about IG but it doesn’t look good either

I suggest TradeMax. Their spread is really nice and personal service.

I had unpleasant experiences with Oanda found prices were not consistent . I personally do not agree with going with regulated brokers for the sake of them being big … FXCM springs to mind . I was with an unregulated one ( their ECN platform ) for three years they were as good as gold from execution to customer service. I left to join another unregulated one purely because their commission (3.5$ per round turn ) again on ECN and spread (0.0 to 0.2 a pip on EUR/USD ) was lower , Their liquidity is also deep. As I have started scalping this is a big advantage. I do think who is regulating the regulated brokers…themselves perhaps??

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