In which countries is Forex trading taxed?

I’m from South Africa, and i know Forex trading is taxed here.
In which other countries is it taxed ?

On the flip side, which countries don’t tax Forex trading ?

I seem to recall the UK doesn’t tax forex trading.

Reason i’m asking this, is because i am looking to relocate overseas, and looking for a suitable country to live in, which doesn’t tax forex.

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As far as I know the UK does tax forex trading, but spread betting is free of stamp tax. I am not 100% sure about this, but I do remember something along those lines.

Most Countries consider it as Capital Gains Tax. So even if your broker and Forex trading in another country you may still be taxed depending on your country laws. Best to get a certified accountant to verify for you but this is a good start point…

Nz doesn’t have capital gain tax, but trading profit can be seen as a source of income, therefore is subject to income tax, unless u invest, meaning holding an investment for more than a year before realise the gain

In your first post made on this forum 7 months ago you were still trading demo, and now you’re relocating overseas to avoid taxes on forex profits ? :38:

How hi are the tax rates for income in NZ??

Holland has no tax on trading but it has on capital

Thanks folks