Increasing Position Size of existing Trade

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How do I increase the position size of an existing active trade on an MT4 platform. I have a swing trade on a demo account that has been active for days. How do I increase the position size if Im sure the trend will continue. If I say Modify order, the lot size section is greyed out.

See below.

You can’t unless u open another one with a different lot size…ur lot size is fixed for that trade.

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thanks Janey for the response. So basically I can only increase the Risk to Reward only by adjusting TP right?



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Exactly and urw.

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You can also pull your stop-loss closer to current price.
But pushing the TP further out makes it less likely it will be hit: while moving the stop-loss closer to the current price makes it more likely it will be hit.

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Aye it’s a common method - scaling in as momentum increases - lowers risk early on, keeps you flexible on pull backs and so on. Guys will often use pending - buy or sell stops so that the new order is going with price.

There is no way to Increase Position Size of existing Trade. Just close the exiting one and open anther one. However, by doing that you will lose small pips due to spread.

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thanks for your response @OskarNilsson.