Indicators correlation


Im trying to use SMA 10; 20 with RSI 9, 70, 30 , STOCHASTIC FULL 14, 3, 3 and MACD 12, 26, 9 on 15 MIN chart.
I had my drawings on chart and graph nicely touched a resistance. Next candle came down and stopped inside. That is normally my entry point! But now i was waiting for confirmations like i learned from education section and it didnt happened.
The problem is that, SMA always crossing too late on bearing market for example. RSI is already oversold and STOCHASTIC and MACD are on the middle or close to oversold and im too late to make an order. It was around 50 pips.

Do i use too many indicators or indicators settings are wrong or there is something else i have to pay attention?
Thank you very much!

Too many indicators focused on same issue - momentum change.

Plus indicators used inappropriately, for example, MA is not a reversal indicator it is a trend indicator.

Use one MA and some simple rules for entry and stop-loss. Back-test to see how well this would have worked. Add one off-chart indicator such as MACD: back-test again to see what difference this would have made.

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Thank you, i will give it a try

I try and stay away from indicators, I prefer ‘naked’ trading - a lot of them are designed to make you lose. However, I use EMA 28 50 100 200 as extra confluence in my trades.


Thank you for your response! I ll try to be careful with these. Does naked trading make you any success?
To be honest i dont like indicators neither, but they are still open for now. The bad thing is that they are taking room from my graph window and i hate small graphs. I like to draw trendlines and retricement levels and using fibonaccy a lot and i noticed that they are giving to me same information as indicators.


I added EMA 28 50 100 200 aswell. It Looks like they are always too late. How do you use those and what time frame you use?

Go back to research. You need to understand why currencies move. They don’t move because an indicator or series of indicators tell you they should. Currencies move because the big boys understand and trade fundamental analysis. This very week the Major Pairs have not moved much because USA Non Farm Payrolls is due to be released Friday. Once the data is released game may be on. But this will depend on difference between actual vs expected number. A good place to learn fundamental analysis and how the big boys trade is to look up Traders4Traders. All the best.

Thank You very much for your response! I watched the bankers video series from Traders4traders and finished babypips education thing and i have learned a lot! Those are my first steps into trading, they both are very great, but i have got maybe just too much information at once and im little bit confused trying to find what works for me. A lot of questions in my head every day:)