Interest Rate Decision Hits the Wires

Since RBNZ?s interest rate decision hit the wires yesterday at 1700 GMT. The release of data on New Zealand?s monthly trade balance is likely to cement the deterioration in the export sector set forth by the rapid ascent by the New Zealand dollar. A widening in the trade deficit would come as no surprise since the unprecedented climb by the Kiwi is also speculated to boost import demand.

[B]New Zealand Tax Receipts, Revenues for June
[/B]Expected: n/a
Previous: n/a
[B]Trade Balance[/B] (JUN)
Expected: 0.009B
[B]Imports[/B] (JUN)
Expected: 3.34B
[B]Exports[/B] (JUN)
Expected: 3.35B
[B]RBNZ[/B] [B]Intra-Quarter Policy Review[/B]
[B]RBNZ Official Cash Rate[/B] (JUL 26)
Actual: 8.25%
Previous: 8.00%
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