Interest rates

I’m trying to study interest rates for different currencies, how the market is affected by their differences or by changes in rates. I’m not sure where to find the rates. The Fed just lowered the rate to 4.75% When I go to their website to look for past rates, there is a list of rates for different things.
FRB: H.15–Selected Interest Rates, Web-Only Daily Update–September 28, 2007
Which one am I looking for?
And for the Euro, The European Central Bank has 3 rates listed for each date. ECB: Key interest rates Which one am I looking for?
Is there one place to find them all? Does the JPY still have zero interest? Is this a waste of my time to be studying interest rates?

Thanks for any insight!

I just googled “world Interest rates” Knock yourself out.

Thanks for the information. I had Googled “International interest rates”, but found more good information using “world” in the search. The link to is good also.

However, if I want to look at past rates, I need to know what these are rates for. Are they for Bank prime loans or Federal funds … or what?

Thanks again.