Interesting chart

Interest chart.

What trading decision we can think here ?

daily chart …see the volume spike in last candle

One principle of Volume or VSA trading is “Effort vs Result”. So, the close of the next candle will be very telling. Higher close is bullish (aggressive buying), bearish reaction is bearish going forward (Profit taking at high prices by smart money…high activity but no upward progress on the trend).

wow…@petefader…genious…glad that you posted! know volume is still bugging me around…I’m frustrated …I am thinking to drop volume tool from my trading decision…it seems to me they are not consistent in decision making. I am looking at various charts of volume spikes and trying to find what happens next to them…but every time price goes with inconsistent behavior right after volume spike.

Anyway …I was going through your thread…so many number of pages in your thread :frowning:

do you have any nice small length videos which captures concepts of VSA.

[B]Now[/B] coming back to this post…you said to watch for next candle close …I’ll …suppose it becomes a red candle tomorrow but low volume compared to previous volume spike …what you are gonna do ? would you still be buying ? Is not that becomes risky now…I’m doubtful at this part.

[B]Here are few issues thats bugging me,[/B]

what I should do If I see a red body candle with high volume spike in resistance zone ? Shall I go short here ? shall I wait here doing nothing ?

what I should do If I see a green body candle with high volume spike in resistance zone ? Shall I be long here ?shall I wait here doing nothing ?

please clarify

Yes, but Pete, the 50, 180, and 200 EMAs have not crossed to indicate bearishness!?!? :59:

I didn’t see this post earlier. I have endless hours of teaching on this already available. Just look around.

…and it won’t until Smart Money is already taking profit on shorts. :23: (high 5)