Internet Speed How Critical...?

Hey folks,

I have a hughesnet satellite…when running well, it runs at 1.5mb download and 500kb upload…Will this be fast enough to Trade IN fOREX


Thats super fast, i am using 2 MB Download 1 MB Upload right now, and have 5 machines connected, so all work superior fast…

You have a good internet connection, thats fast, so not to worry

Ha, I use dial -up at 48kbps.

My forex works very well with no problems with transmission across 4000 km.

Beat that! :smiley:

Regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.

What happens when someone picks up the phone before you set a stop order :smiley: . Hopefully you have your SL & TP placed at the time of your orders :slight_smile: .


That’s more than enough.

I think Dialup connection shouldnt be used amongst forex traders, who really are serious to it. And i agree with TopGun as what happens if someone picks up accidently the phone and that time you were just about to place an order or something.
Spend a little more, and fetch an ADSL / SpeedNet / Broadband connection which has added advantages overall.